Solid Steel
  Back in the day there was MTV. Now there's an online music platform that brings back music discovery.  Juice VCR is an audio-visual web station that celebrates DIY culture, showing latest music from DIY and independent artists.  The minimal interface is a deliberate effort to minimise choice where the user can only go forward. Hold long enough and control also disappears.
 NikeTown brings the Nike Academy experience to football obsessed teens in London. Hundreds of teens register for the ultimate drill test and the opportunity to be discovered as the next football phenomenon. On the day, teens meet Nike coach's where they're invited to gear up in the latest kit and tested for power, strength, reaction, acceleration, agility and technique across six drill areas, in-store. Live leaderboards, personalised stats and one-on-one coaching tips form in-depth skills knowledge. The experience design was developed to scale varying screens using SVG and vector language.
Convergence London
The Shadow Line
Royal College of Art
BMW i3
V&A - I Hear You
Unknown Disorder